Saturday, December 1, 2007

RJD2 - the 2007 Singles

I'm still kickin on RJD2's Deadringer. I can't stop plugging for it. I also just downloaded two singles, both from "The Third Hand", RJD2's fourth full-length album. I posted about this album about a month ago (See the "Works of RJD2 on Nov. 1) - its very alt-rock and emo-artistic, a departure from RJD2's trip-hop roots.

I like RJD2's older stuff more, but the remix of Have Mercy (featuring Lyrics Born) is an improvement over the original track on "The Third Hand." Lyrics Born really livens up the track with his deeper voice and hip-hop style. His tone contrasts RJD2's vocals and balances the track more - it makes it interesting. I won't listen to the original, but this version with Lyrics Born is a significant improvement.

The other single, You Never Had It So Good, is probably the only track I like off of "The Third Hand." Similar to Have Mercy with Lyrics Born, I like this track b/c it doesn't sound like the rest of RJD2's new stuff. However, it doesn't sound like his old style either. You Never Had It So Good is a slower alt-rock track that is like Ben Folds mashed with Radiohead. The track is very simple, employing soft, basic power cords strummed staccato like and layered under a Ben Fold's like piano riff. RJD2 even sounds like Ben Folds on this track. Its not new, its not old - just different, and its a funky sunny day track that will make you smile. Thank goodness I can be a little bit positive about "The Third Hand" !!

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