Saturday, November 24, 2007

True or False: Music reveals who you are?

I wish I could blog from a plane. I'm in the air, somewhere over Buffalo, NY on my way to Boston, reading the latest issue of Esquire. Chuck Klosterman's America piece is always fascinating, and this issue's topic is: "True or false: The music a person listens to reveals many truths about that person." I think it does, but the question is always HOW? If I like heavy metal and chillout tunes, does that make me balanced or does that mean I like extremes, and then deeper, why do I like these types of music. Is it the melodies, the instruments themselves, the different vocal styles, how popular they are with others? Who knows except for you? I've always been fascinated by this question, and I wonder how attuned people are to their musical preferences. So lets all think deeper about why we truly love the tunes we do - and as Chuck might suggest, now you'll be able to truly answer that tough question: "What's your favorite music?"
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chris said...

hands down, slow groovin electronica like bullitnut's daddy big hair. personally, i like the fact that electronica is modern, maleable. this reflects how i try and live in a modern world of architecture, design, and music. some cry poopoo because there are no real instruments. i cry, hooray because the sounds can be transformed through creative to construct something truly unique. music is the paint splashed on the canvas of a laptop. it is all what you make it and how creative you truly can become.

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