Thursday, January 28, 2010

Champagne Lounge Deluxe - Eddie Silverton, Don Imuze, Minus Blue, more

Jeff Bennett and his Phunctional Loungin label have released a compilation featuring tracks from Volumes 1-5 of the Champagne Lounge series, plus a bonus 2-hour continuous mix of all the tracks.

The compilation features Jeff's alias' - Eddie Silverton, the ultra-lounge alter ego, and Don Imuze, the electro-dub doppleganger - plus artists from the Phunctional Loungin label.

I've really enjoyed listening to Eddie Silverton and a new artist, Minus Blue, a UK based lounge artist that features mellow melodies with whimsical and siren-esque female vocals. You can listen to samples of Eddie and Minus Blue tracks below.

The compilation was released this week exclusively on Beatport and will be in wide release on Feb 16, 2010. Listen below and enjoy!

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