Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Groove - Funkagenda Mix - Live Sunset

I've been listening to a lot of funk, break beats and chillout these days, but sometimes I gotta rock the minimal house/techno. This mix, by UK DJ, DJ technician and producer Funkagenda is on the electronic side of downtempo and chill. "Live Sunset," the name of the mix, says it all - I feel like I'm poolside at sunset while listening to the slow build of this mix, and the second the sun goes down, the downtempo house sounds come out.

The mix is a massive, mesmerizing 2 and a half hours. The first hour is pure chillout - ambient vibes to bask to; the second hour turns into a downtempo dance party - perfect for some natural energy for your weekend groove. by Funkagenda

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