Monday, March 22, 2010

Electrolights - Centerpiece , and obligatory WMC post

So I've been in touch with Giant Step, an artist promotion company in NYC, who informed me they're working with this group Electrolightz, a 4-man group of pop/electro/hip-hop artist. Their remixes and original work are mostly uptempo party jams (that I def enjoy, but don't necessarily fit the DBS vibe). But a few tracks, especially the one below called Centerpiece is one of those tracks that I'd probably use to bridge the gap between chill downtempo and head-noddin git up and groove, danceable downtempo. Many might not consider it downtempo in its truest definition (I guess I wouldn't, really) but I'd put it in a downtempo party mix. I also share this track with you because its an appropriate post to recognize WMC. I'm not going, and it focuses more on uptempo electronic, but no doubt, it has a big influence on the electronic scene overall and the mashing of genres and collaboration of artists. Who knows what will come out of WMC. Maybe Electrolightz will meet some downtempo producer and they'll both change their lives forever. Check out the "Electro Wars" trailer - the documentary is being screened at WMC and shows you that this type of collabo and discussion and mashup and controversy is possible. Who knows... :)

Electrolightz - Centerpiece

Electro Wars Trailer

The Electro Wars Final Trailer from Stephen Alex Vasquez on Vimeo.

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