Friday, March 26, 2010

Motion Potion - War on the Dance Floor (MoPo's 2010 Reboot)

Funk mash up artist DJ Motion Potion has a series of EPs coming out this year and the first, "Electric Nostalgia Vol. 1" is quite like the title describes - a mashup of old school funk and disco with newer electronic and rap samples that create a whole new lounge and dancefloor beast.

For example, "War on the Dance Floor" - a track you can download here (limited time DL) - is James Brown's Payback with Ludacris' Red Light District, plus MoPo's electronic touch.

MoPo calls his style “funklectic dancefloor nostalgism” - I can hear it. To explain a bit more, here's a description from MoPo and his team: "From a near religious love of funk and hip hop, to a lifetime study of rock and roll to a massive aptitude for latin, reggae and other outernational formats, MoPo incorporates bits and pieces of music culture into electronic edits."

Here's a downloadable mix from MoPo

MoPo 5.1.08 Republic - NOLa Opening for P Funk by mopo

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