Thursday, February 9, 2012

The New Laws latest journey - "The Fifty Year Storm"

The New Law released "High Noon" in 2009, after their first album in 2006, and now follow-up with the final piece of their trip-hop journey - "The Fifty Year Storm." Each album builds on the last as the Seattle-based producers grow as artists, and as the subject of their albums ventures along his journey.

"High Noon" was a beautiful and dark trip-hop experience, creating an atmosphere where you never knew what stood around each corner, but you were excited for what happened next. "The Fifty Year Storm" continues this narrative. The album feels is slightly more textured and complex and represents the unknown hero's reflection on his past and the dual calmness and intense storm he experiences on the open water, punctuated by furious bouts of trip-hop breaks and synthesizers that overwhelm and threaten to capsize his vessel. It's a great finale to the unknown hero's trilogy of albums. I highly recommend it for any downtempo or trip-hop listener. It sucks you in, and if you take a moment to understand the narrative of the unknown hero, you can feel yourself along the journey with him.

As Adam Straney and Justin Neff, the producers behind New Law, explain: This is the third chapter of the unknown hero, THE NEW LAW, who is leaving the barren waste after the battle at "High Noon". He joins some fellow fighters who venture out to sea, to escape certain death of the old land, and they sail forth to explore new worlds. He gradually learns the way of the sea through the rolling waves of the journey, but on the red horizon ahead, there's something brewing: something dark and sinister... and he's unwillingly heading straight into the storm of it.  

You can download the album on The New Law's bandcamp page, and you can get their previous two albums for free. Check it out:

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