Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Its times like these where I give thanks for my health, happiness and many other things, in no particular order ;)

1. Seeing my family since last December
2. Visiting my grandma and grandpa for the first time since last December
3. Having the means to buy new snowboard stuff
4. Great friends who force me to see them even when i'm exhausted (visiting home isn't always restful!)
5. Having the opportunity to write for Properly Chilled
6. This blog - for the determination to take my passion to a whole 'nother level
7. For the desire to be close to family, even when so far away
8. For my youth - so many opportunities await
9. For the anticipation of the new Bran Van 3000 album
10. Coworkers who give me ultimatum's because they care and force me to be better
11. A bad-ass Holiday party coming up at Top of the Hub at the Pru (in Boston)

And i'm thankful for so much more, and for the ability to see what means most to me and my loved ones.



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