Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Enormous Room

My favorite place to go in all of Boston areas is the Enormous Room in Cambridge on Mass Ave. Unassumingly painted on a glass door, an elephant outlined in a red circle tells you where to go, but you have to be looking for it. Up the stairs, past the elephant, opens a relaxed room with reggae downbeats pressing you onto cushions thrown against the walls and on wooden platforms. Yellow light is cast around the room, from iron lamps hanging in the corners and nailed to walls. The cushions and chairs look like the ones we grew up with, earthly patterns of greens and browns with Indian inspiration - it feels like we're in someone's apartment (thanks for the description, Karyn ;). A sole emo-dude shuffles across the floor alone, dancing. My date and I just smile - what a nice evening. On the other end of the room, opposite the stairs is a brick wall, with a section hammered out showing a single DJ controlling the room. He spins Reggae, downbeat dance hall, chillout, trip-hop. And everyone is lovin' it.

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chris said...

come north and open up something similar. guaranteed success. besides, it is getting cold and dark and people just need somewhere to go that is warm.

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