Monday, November 12, 2007

Ecco slathered with Lemon Jelly

I went to Ecco ( for a business dinner tonight in Atlanta. Was excited my client picked this place - I read about it in Esquire - it's a "Best New Restaurant In America." And it was damn good- the food was great, but what put me over the edge was the ambient music. Of course they were playing Thievery Corporation's Cosmic Game (not my fav Thievery album, but a Thievery album none the less) and then they had a great ambient mix of chillout. I heard more Thievery, some old school Boards of Canada and I recognized Lemon Jelly as well. So I asked for the playlist and, not to my surprise, not a server or host in the place could get me anything. Now - I didn't expect it, but what an idea!! I mean, part of the dining experience is the ambiance, the lighting, the look, the feel, the sound. What if restaurants with great background tunes added playlists to menus, or DJs spinning actually handed out flyers with what they did? Hm, i'm sure there's naysayers who wouldn't want this, but I would. Instead of taking home a doggy bag, you can let your patrons leave with a little bit of the vibe itself!

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