Thursday, November 15, 2007

Slow Train Soul

Slow Train...souuuuul. You know those ricer car shows people go to to show off neon lights and flashy engines? My buddy Kevin and I went to a show years ago and they were playing Slow Train Soul - a muddy, Southern-inspired groove that chugs along with heavy downbeats and this afro-american soul voice. Listened to their recent album tonight in my office - "Santimanity" and was at peace. Though my office was bright and I was on point, the mellow and deep bass that plugged away slowed my body down - I felt slower, and it sure as hell connected with my soul.

Slow Train Soul - think Kanye West meets James Brown meets Massive Attack, and slowed to a crawl, nearly as peaceful and powerful as AIR's latest (Pocket Symphony).

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