Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Horror!

Walking home from the gym, strolling the Beacon St sidewalk in Boston, totally lost in RJD2's Deadringer album. "The Horror" tunes in on my iPod, an eerie track that instantly gets me thinking about the barbaric cannibalism and craziness of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now. Soon I'm smiling because this song completely sent my mind in a different direction, though its kind of messed up - the Power of Sound...and then BAM! this crazy cat hurtles itself at me from a bush on my right, just as the track screams "The Horror The Horror!!!" AHHH!! The beast slams into my leg and rebounds to the curb, poised right in front of me in attack pose, hissing. And I think it has rabies. I really do. So I inch to my right along an invisible wall, curving past the feline - always keeping my eyes on it. And then I'm past it, I'm alive, it didn't claw my eyes out. And the Horror ends. Just like that.

I hope someone saw this spectacle, because I've never been so afraid of a damn cat.

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Robin Z said...

Hysterical Erik!

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